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Enrichment Program

The Music Enrichment Program (MEP), started in 1988 in Pico Rivera, has 9,000 students in grades 3, 4, and 5 in school districts in Whittier and Santa Fe Springs.

Laura Stone, freelance musician and oboist with the Rio Hondo Symphony, demonstrates the woodwinds to fourth graders. Introducing fifth graders to the the entire brass family is Jonathan Sywulka, our RHSA 2013 YAC winner on trumpet.

In 2004 a long-time dream became a reality when the program was expanded to include the string instruments. Elizabeth Lauritsen, an outstanding soprano, violinist and teacher from Whittier, presents the string program to third graders.

Almost 2400 of the children who experience the Music Enrichment Program attend the Children's Concert.

Currently, funding for these programs is provided in the Whittier school districts by the BCM Foundation and in the Santa Fe Springs Area by the City of Santa Fe Springs.

Pictured here is Laura Hendrickson performing at a Children's Concert

Here are a few comments from teachers whose students have experienced the Music Enrichment Program:

Mulberry School:

"The presenter did a superb job. I watched my students participate with joy. They were also in awe of the musicians' talent."

Leffingwell School:

"Great presentation. Very interactive."

Laurel School:

"Another great presentation! Thank you. The students and I loved it and we learned a lot."

Aeolian School:

"The presenter was great. The students loved him. We would love to see him next year."

Loma Vista School:

"Excellent presentation and preparation. Well organized and interesting."

Lakeview School:

"Lakeview enjoys the music program. The students are fully engaged in the lesson. Because of the exposure, many students go on to play in the middle school band."


For more information about this program call (562) 698-8626